"...outstanding on every level are the indefatigable, and impeccably hilarious performances by the entire cast especially Kalinda Gray and David LM McIntyre who drive the extremes of the story."


"Kalinda Gray is luminous..." -
Backstage West

Official Website:

(Best Actress, BroadwayWorld.com)


"..As perfectly staged as an intimate-theater musical can be...the Empire Theatre fits Q to a T, Theatre Out’s oh-so-talented young cast giving their Broadway/National Tour predecessors a run for their money..."
-- Steven Stanley, STAGESCENELA
"...a blast - loud, raunchy, and insanely funny."
-- Eric Marchese, OC REGISTER

"Impressive...among the highlights were Kalinda Gray’s sizzling rendition of “Cabaret" --


"..Magnificently reflected...Kalinda Gray's Storyteller doesn't just narrate the story, she enacts it. She seems as much invested in - and enchanted by - the outcome as the audience, so much so that the story seems to emerge from her imagination..."--THE HUFFINGTON POST
"Putting the finishing touches on this staging is Kalinda Gray's stylized, highly theatrical portrayal of "the Storyteller." With her flowing blonde locks and precise, British-inflected diction, Gray functions as our guide into a world that's shrouded in mystery and almost always bone-chillingly perilous. (She also gives voice – that is, thundering growl – to Smaug, a huge puppet requiring more than a dozen operators.)..."-- THE OC REGISTER
"As lavishly spectacular as Jackson’s cinematic treatment of The Lord of the Rings played on the big screen, it still didn’t capture Tolkien’s distinct voice and the richness of his language. Gray’s adaptation does so splendidly....the fact that this production not only tells Tolkien’s epic adventure well, but also captures his idiosyncratic omniscience and literary heft makes it deserving of the box-office success it has garnered." -- THE OC WEEKLY
"The all-important element here is the underlying, fablelike tone, bolstered by the production team's impressive visual and technical effects and by wonderfully detailed characterizations that combine acting, costumes, and puppetry.  As such, the cast is superb...don't be fooled by this venue's small size: Maverick's "Hobbit" staging is a triumph of production.." --

(Best Play Of The Year - OC Weekly)
"...Whether singing, dancing or generating laughs, the Maverick's leads, supporting characters and chorus are top-notch...Gray captures kittenish Ulla's daffiness, charming mangling of English and sex appeal, which she has in spades. She's eager to please – especially Leo, and their fling is genuinely sweet." -- THE OC REGISTER 
"..(Gray is) the threshold over which future Ullas must pass." 
"Amazingly, the Maverick Theater’s production of The Producers maintains much of the entertainment value of its big stage, big budget predecessor, thanks in large measure to Brian Newell’s able direction, two tour-de-force lead performances, and Brooks’ absolutely hilarious book....Kalinda Gray is a delightfully adorable (and petite this time around) Ulla.." -- STAGESCENELA
"Director Brian Newell and company confirm their statuses as the best musical-comedy producers in Orange County with this one...when packaged in a production that fires on every cylinder—like this one—it’s absolutely great entertainment...Kalinda Gray makes a marvelously sexy turn as Ulla..." --OC WEEKLY

"...cute pixie Kalinda Gray is a charming personality..." --SIGNAL TRIBUNE
"Chaos-wise, Kalinda Gray’s Sugar Faye is priceless as the increasingly drunk singer who spends most of the second act tossing the pages of 'A Christmas Carol' script around the room, prompting one of the most insane, improvised renditions of the holiday classic you’ll ever see. -- JAMES SCARBOROUGH


(Nominated for numerous LA Theatre awards/Winner of the Garland Award for best choreography, Goldstar Pick/Roar Of The Crowd Winner, and many more)
"...An unmitigated triumph, surpassing many previous high-profile renditions...Gray skillfully illuminates the tragicomic contradictions of Sally, a woman-child prone to repeating her mistakes..with this shimmering effort, the three-year-old Musical Theatre of Los Angeles stakes its claim as a theatrical force to reckon with." -- Les Spindle, BACKSTAGE WEST (Critic's Pick)
"Kalinda Gray is valiant as Sally Bowles.." -- LA TIMES
"Raw, energetic, sexy, sensationally performed...the lovely Kalinda Gray is absolutely convincing as Sally Bowles.." -- Steven Stanley, STAGESCENELA
"A pure delight from start to finish!" -- EDGE Magazine
"Truly delightful, a high-energy, sexy treat."-- Robert Machray, BlogCritic
"Gray touches a skewed naivety in her characterization that makes her role particularly poignant. " -- ShowMag
"...Kalinda Gray’s rendition of Sally Bowles, the 19-year-old English leading lady of the Berlin nightclub around which the play revolves, delivers a crushing performance...the orgastic energy that the cast brings to the stage is unparalleled..." -- Daily Trojan
(Roar of the Crowd Winner on Goldstar, Nominated for 4 LA Garland Awards)
"...rich with action and emotion...ingenious.." -- OC REGISTER
"..Kalinda Gray is excellent as Anne Bonny..."-- THE OBSERVER
"..the story, of course, centers on Cherie, the cheap club chanteuse, and the love-struck rodeo champ, Bo Decker (incarnated here by the comically astute Kalinda Gray and the physically adept Scott Finn).  Both performers are in convincing form throughout the show. Finn's compensatory verboseness and Gray's desperate countenance add dimension and depth to Inge's sweet-tart of a love story." -- Ben Miles, SHOWMAG
"...a startlingly Marilyn Monroe-like Cherie...Amanda Karr makes all the right calls in her sensitive direction of this wonderful production. Her cast doesn’t seem to miss a single opportunity to inject the play with emotional impact..." -- SIGNAL TRIBUNE
(Roar Of The Crowd Winner on Goldstar, OC Premiere directed by Diane Doyle of SCR)
 "...stars Susan Carillo and Kalinda Gray, who not only smolder onstage physically but also deliver their classic-rock numbers like real-life pros..." -- OC WEEKLY
 "...Kalinda Gray as Miranda is excellent..." -- THE OBSERVER
 "..starring the wonderful new addition of Kalinda Gray, this production promises to have a hell of a lot of genius behind it..."--OC WEEKLY
 "..outstanding performances...Kalinda Gray is especially effective as Catherine..." -- THE OBSERVER
(Backstage West's Critic Pick, LA Garland Award Nomination, OC Register's Top 10 List for Theater, Roar Of The Crowd Winner on Goldstar) 
"..The cast is bookended by one of local theater’s most seasoned talents—Christopher Spencer as the sinisterly manipulative Boss Hogg of the play—and two of its brightest young talents, Kalinda Gray and Shaun Leslie Thomas as the earnestly dopey young lovers whose lives change most during the proceedings..." -- OC WEEKLY
"..He's well-matched with Kalinda Gray who, as ingénue Hope, treads a delicate line of milking the material for its camp value without pushing things overboard—a hallmark of this cast..."-- BACKSTAGE WEST
"..Kalinda Gray's Hope is a good-hearted, ditzy blonde who flips easily between light camp and conventional musical-theater ingénue...."-- OC REGISTER
(OC Premiere, Critic's Pick in Backstage West, Annual Top 10 Theatre List in OC Weekly and OC Register, Roar Of The Crowd Winner on Goldstar)
"..Goody-goody hero Jimmy's wholesomeness is accentuated by Bobby Traversa's ingenuous looks, slight build, juvenile-sounding voice, and, after succumbing to weed, guilty desperation — all well-matched by Kalinda Gray as Jimmy's equally virginal girlfriend, Mary..."-- BACKSTAGE WEST
"Only the show's third U.S. staging, it's the funniest thing to come down the pike – or, if you will, the pipe – in awhile... Mercer's casting, though, is the real coup de grace...as Mary, Jimmy's equally virginal girlfriend, Kalinda Gray is a doe-eyed, eternally hopeful blonde..."-- OC REGISTER
"..Reefer Madness turns a smug and campy premise into an incisive dark comedy that just may be the year’s brightest night of theater in Orange County.."-- OC WEEKLY
"...The cast and crew do an incredible job of amusing and entertaining the audience...Kalinda Gray plays Mary so wholesome you truly believe she is 'the girl next door'..." -- THE OBSERVER